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A Picture a Day – 1/365

Happy New Year!

I don’t often make resolutions, I try to make positive changes whenever it seems relevant rather than waiting until the new year. But I have decided to get on board with taking a picture every day!

Our beautiful rainbow turns two at the end of the month. It’s hard to believe. The days are long but the years are short.

2017 will be a year of huge changes for our family. We are so lucky to be adding another child to our home. I’m due to give birth in June sometime (though after the exciting start Aeryn gave us, I’m not getting hung up on due dates, or even due months!!)


I want to keep track of this time, our last few months as parents of one and the start of our journey as parents of two. Aeryn’s journey from only child to big sister. There is so much to be excited about, and so many moments of “what have we done?! Everything is great, why are we rocking the boat?! How can I possibly love another human as much as I love my daughter??”

One thing I do know is there is no one I would rather do this with than my my husband, Ben. He has been everything in 2016 and I know he will rise to every challenge and change this year. Aeryn and little bean couldn’t ask for a better father.

So, without further ado, here is picture one from this year!



Aeryn LOVES the picture lotto game she was given for Christmas from her Grandparents! Every time she matches a picture, she cheers “YAY!!” and gives herself a clap! It’s so lovely to see her genuinely proud of herself for figuring it out!

Check back tomorrow for picture two!

Jen xXx


Jen enjoys reading (endlessly, everything), creative writing, playing RPGs, buying from local markets, drinking coffee, drinking tea, craft projects, baking, gentle parenting, home educating and speaking in third person. She blogs about issues and ideas surrounding education, parenting, feminism, craft and various other interesting tidbits. What a wonderful word, tidbits.

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