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We found a plasma lamp today! And so started an awesome scientific, sensory exploration in our tent. 

Aeryn was completely fascinated. To be honest, I was, too! I love these things! I can’t wait until she’s older and we’re really into home educating to research exactly how they work together! 

The tent setting really added a fun dimension. She brought lots of her stuffed animals in to show them and found it really interesting that the plasma was attracted to her fingers and not theirs. Her scientific thinking and testing was really amazing to watch. We definitely need to do more science and sensory activities now she’s older!


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Today was an arty kind of day!

We tried painting. Aeryn had a good go mixing and inspecting the colours. I decided to give her the chance to paint some binoculars we made ages ago and never got around to finishing. 

The binoculars were my short lived attempt to introduce craft. I know that art really needs to come from Aeryn and be for Aeryn to be meaningful. I know that as a trained educator and a mum. But the temptation to help her make things and do crafts with a set end point is really powerful. I blame Pinterest and friends with kids who do constant crafts at nursery and daycare and at home. Kid crafts are adorable and fun for adults to make too and look cute on your fridge and..and..and. 

Not doing crafts is almost like saying you don’t like childhood, it’s so pervasive. My parents still bring out the festive decorations I made at school every single Christmas.

But Aeryn really wasn’t into it. She just didn’t get the point, didn’t understand the importance of getting the tubes to stick together, didn’t know why we had to wait for it to dry, didn’t like the sensation of the glue and water and paper. It was just a disaster really. I ended up finishing them for her so she’d have something to paint. 

But then she didn’t really want to paint them. She did a bit but preferred to just mix the colours and then asked for paper. She had no vested interest in her binoculars at all. Because they weren’t hers. They were mine. My idea, my execution, my craft. She had no reason to want to paint it. 

Our art now is open ended. We use different media, colour, light, settings, angles, stimuli..but ultimately, it’s all free reign for Aeryn to create. We focus on the process, not the product. She sometimes revisits pieces days later, and sometimes destroys them. But she’s completely engaged, engrossed and enjoying herself, which is what’s important.


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This morning we had a fantastic time at the park. One of the best parks in our city turns out to be a 6 minute drive away! Ben had a day off, so it turned into a lovely family morning. 

We’d all had a very rough night, though. I seem to have caught a sickness bug and spent most of the night in the bathroom. The fresh air did me some good, but honestly when we got back I had a 2 hours nap upstairs while Aeryn slept on top of Ben on the sofa. I’ve barely managed to eat a thing and even drinking is a monumental effort. I’ve been lying down most of the day. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more grateful for ben’s bizarre day-off schedule!

We suspect it might be the c.difficile bug. Penicillin can cause it in Aeryn (who has had several bouts of sickness and diarrhea while she’s been on it) and it’s very easily spread. 

I’m going to see how I go and may be phone the midwives if I don’t improve soon, in case the baby needs checking or I need fluids. 

And speaking of the baby, we are 24 weeks pregnant today, according to our scan dates. This means he is counted as viable! If for whatever reason he comes early, there is a chance he could survive and they will do all the can to save him. 

It is such a relief to reach this milestone. Ever since our miscarriage, knowing that I’ve brought my babies far enough they might be able to go it alone if needed is a huge weight off my mind, like I’ve achieved what I set out to do. Obviously I would like him to keep brewing a lot longer, but it’s still given me the reassurance I needed to enjoy being pregnant a little more. Just as soon as I’m well, anyway! 


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Today, dare I say it, felt almost like Spring! It was warm enough to go to the park without a big coat on! It was seriously windy, though!

We got Aeryn these perfectly awesome slip-on shoes for spring time romping about. They’re from the Little Bird by Jools Oliver range at Mothercare. It’s a fantastic range of mostly unisex clothes in great bold colours and prints. I’m in love with basically the entire collection! We got Aeryn a great rainbow top and her little brother two long sleeve vests, too. Oh, and I got an awesome mama jumper. 

I might have got a little carried away!

I had the best time at the park. Aeryn is so big and capable now, she plays beautifully and is very aware of what she can do, what she isn’t ready for and what she can manage with a little bit of help. 

We did nearly get blown away in the ridiculous wind, though, so hopefully we can stay out longer next time!


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I didn’t take many photos today, we were out most of the day and it just didn’t happen. A photo per day is actually turning out to be a pretty big commitment!

I’ve been catching up on some sewing projects and logging my progress in my bullet journal. I’ve only just started bullet journalling but I’m really finding it useful to keep track of my life and track projects in a more flexible way than a traditional diary. 

I’m currently going through my fabric stash and making a bucket load of harem-style trousers for my etsy store. I’ve had a long break from sewing projects, for many reasons. We’ve had a rough few months, Christmas was hectic, this pregnancy is exhausting. But mostly, attempting to run any sort of business, no matter how small, with a two year old within 10 ft of your person at all times, is basically impossible.

I mean, I was a bit of an idiot to start a business that is so child-unfriendly. Sewing machines have to sit in one place, scissors and pins everywhere, and that’s before the fact of toddlers needing a lot of attention and time and energy. I should have picked crochet, at least that’s doable from a sofa or while I’m sat in the park or at soft play with her. 

But anyway, I’m trying to get back into it in the evenings before baby comes. I’ve been logging the fabric I’m using, sizes I’ve cut out and what stage of production they’re in. It’s really useful because I use the same prints in different sizes and it can easily get mixed up! I’m actually surprised at just how much fabric I’ve accumulated!

I’m just sticking with the basics of bullet journalling for now, but maybe soon I’ll get a dotted journal and washi tape and tombow pens and all that stuff that people who are really into it use. I need to find my rhythm with it first, though. I want it to keep being a functional tool rather than a task in its own right, if that makes sense. I have enough unfinished projects, as my fabric stash shows!