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So, I forgot to post again! I’m going to blame baby brain, which I’m certain is a diagnosable, incurable condition I have been stuck with since my last pregnancy and is only getting worse in this one. 

I use to be smart and do smart people things! Now I forget to add detergent to my washing machine and can’t schedule taking a vitamin every day, like it’s somehow difficult. I even have a tracker to tick off and nope. 

Any who, here’s my little bookworm. She use to just sit and look at book independently anyway as well as have me read to her, but now she recites lines from her favourite books as she turns their pages based on the pictures, as if she’s really reading them. I’m not one for really pushing early reading, but I have a feeling she’ll be pushing me to learn it herself long before she’s school age. She’s just so keen.



Jen enjoys reading (endlessly, everything), creative writing, playing RPGs, buying from local markets, drinking coffee, drinking tea, craft projects, baking, gentle parenting, home educating and speaking in third person. She blogs about issues and ideas surrounding education, parenting, feminism, craft and various other interesting tidbits. What a wonderful word, tidbits.

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