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She asked to go up! She asked to go up!

I almost never get to sling Aeryn anymore. She loves to walk and feel independent. Which is lovely, but I miss the snuggly convenience of our sling. 

Just turned two year olds don’t have much stamina, so I end up carrying her in arms. Which is extra exhausting now I’m pregnant! Her pace is improving all the time but she’s still only got tiny legs, too. She’s pretty determined, though!

But today, she asked to go up! It was only around the house because I needed to get the floor mopped and she didn’t want wet feet. But she loved it! Probably partly because it’s quite novel again now.

Baby two will hopefully love being up for a lot, lot longer! There are so many carries I want to try I’ve never been able to with Aeryn’s general sling strike. I was hoping she’d be one of those 4 year olds who still liked to go up occasionally, but it doesn’t look like it’s likely!



Jen enjoys reading (endlessly, everything), creative writing, playing RPGs, buying from local markets, drinking coffee, drinking tea, craft projects, baking, gentle parenting, home educating and speaking in third person. She blogs about issues and ideas surrounding education, parenting, feminism, craft and various other interesting tidbits. What a wonderful word, tidbits.

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