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Another awesome day in Bristol!


We started off playing in the garden for a while, while Grandpa was digging things over.


Who doesn’t love a tunnel?! This hat cracks me up, though! It’s her spare I keep in the car, I think it was a gift from someone! It’s not exactly my taste but she loves it!


We ended up helping dig the bluebells out with a little fork and trowel. Aeryn was very impressed that Grandpa was prepared enough to have Aeryn-sized tools!


After, we headed to see Tash and her girls again. As we aren’t down very often these days and we’re both having babies in the next 3 months ish (?!?!), I thought we should make the most of our chances for a play date, despite seeing them yesterday!


We headed to Blaise Castle park, a short distance from Tash’s. It’s a huge park, with loads of awesome play equipment for tiny ones up to really quite big kids! There was a very welcome rain shower just before we arrived, too, so most people left! We just wrapped the girls in waterproofs and got stuck in anyway, but it was pretty nippy!


Aeryn loves to watch other kids playing. She hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t pushing the swing anymore at this point.


We spent a good hour playing. I did have to drag her away from the swings in the end because she was getting too cold not running about!


My favourite bit was when Tash’s daughter and mine both wanted to play on the see saw, but just couldn’t conceive of getting on the same see saw so they could rock each other, even though we suggested it in the end! Toddlers are great that way.


It’ll be nice to come back to Blaise again in a month or so when we next visit, when it will be a bit warmer! We were all shivering by the end and only lasted about an hour!



Jen enjoys reading (endlessly, everything), creative writing, playing RPGs, buying from local markets, drinking coffee, drinking tea, craft projects, baking, gentle parenting, home educating and speaking in third person. She blogs about issues and ideas surrounding education, parenting, feminism, craft and various other interesting tidbits. What a wonderful word, tidbits.

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