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Today, we played in the fountains. It. Was. Freezing.

Aeryn loves making footprints. She found it really interesting that dry feet don’t make prints and wet feet do, and also that the footprints dry out after a while! Lots of scientific thinking going on without needing to label it as such.

We talked about it a lot and I explained all the science and used technical vocabulary like evaporation, but really life and learning just keep on happening, regardless of whether we trying to learn or not!

She also loved playing with the water jets…

… and getting soaked in the deeper rapids! 

It was a good thing I had 2 pairs of spare trousers. Plus, cloth nappies don’t get waterlogged and hang down like disposables do!

We also met a tiny friend! Meet Ladybird! She was one of the spottiest ones I’ve seen for a long, long time, most of the ones from my childhood has six spots maximum.

She had a crawl on our hands. Aeryn’s was so gentle with her and really fascinated by how she looked and felt. We almost had a meltdown on our hands when she flew away, Aeryn was enjoying that quiet moment so much in the middle of the fountain. We ended up heading for a drink (and a full outfit change!) at Starbucks (a 15 second walk away!) to warm up.

I asked her to smile for the camera before we went so I was in at least one photo, so she did this!

It was a really nice day, made better by a gorgeous gift I got this morning.

Ben got me a bola. It’s a pregnancy necklace, apparently traditional in Mexico. It’s on a long chain so it hangs over your bump. There is a tiny bell inside which the baby can hear in utero as the pendant moves. When he’s born, the sound is meant to help him feel calm and settled as it’s familiar from the womb. Ben can also borrow it so when he’s holding him, the sound will help him know it’s safe.

It’s completely beautiful and I love it. Plus Aeryn keeps running over to shake it so her brother can hear! Which just makes my heart explode, to be honest. She’s just the sweetest thing when she wants to be. She’ll be an awesome big sister.



Jen enjoys reading (endlessly, everything), creative writing, playing RPGs, buying from local markets, drinking coffee, drinking tea, craft projects, baking, gentle parenting, home educating and speaking in third person. She blogs about issues and ideas surrounding education, parenting, feminism, craft and various other interesting tidbits. What a wonderful word, tidbits.

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